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RTypedefType Struct Reference

An opaque struct representing a typedef'ed type. More...

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Public Member Functions

RTyper_typedef_type_canonical (RTypedefType *, GError **error)
 Get the canonical type of this type. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from RType
RTypeId r_type_id (RType *type, GError **error)
 Get the type identifier of this type. More...
RStringr_type_name (RType *type, GError **error)
 Get the name of this type. More...
RTyper_type_ref (RType *type)
 Increase the reference count of this type. More...
void r_type_unref (RType *type)
 Decrease the reference count of this. More...
RTyper_type_pointer (RType *type, GError **error)
 Get an RType representing a pointer to this type. More...

Detailed Description

An opaque struct representing a typedef'ed type.

Member Function Documentation

RType * r_typedef_type_canonical ( RTypedefType ,
GError **  error 

Get the canonical type of this type.

A canonical type strips away all typedefs contained within this type.

For example with the following code,

typedef char *String;
typedef String *StringArray;

calling r_typedef_type_canonical() on a RTypedefType representing a StringArray will return an RType representing char **.

Be able to single step through non-canonical types of an RTypedefType.
An RType representing the canonical type of this RTypedefType.
[out]errorsee errors.h

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